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Armed police officers have beats ,and arrested about a dozen of people democratic party members,Ebhomien Francis Osaromiyeke and others, who was protesting peaceful at Ekpoma Edo state over the postponement of Edo 2016 gubernatorial election, which suppose hold on Saturday 10th September.

The incidents which occurred on the early hour of Saturday the 10th of September 2016,when a group of PDP members lead by ,mr Ebhomien Francis Osaromiyeke the party deputy youth leader in ujiogba ward 2,Esan West local government area of Edo state,the leader of the demonstrators, Mr Ebhomien Francis Osaromiyeke who heavily critized the president buhari and Apc federal government for trying to use federal power to impose A.P.C candidate on the people of Edo state, Mr Ebhomien Francis Osaromiyeke who further expressed that the good people of Edo state has reject A.P.C because the party failed to deliver it campaign promises to the good people of Edo state for the past 8 years.

Mr Ebhomien Francis Osaromiyeke, PDP Deputy Youth leader in ujiogba ward.

The peaceful protesters were beaten,arrested and locked up in a standby Black Maria’s.
The independent electoral commission (INEC)As postponed the conduct of the election to Wednesday September 28th.
The national commissioner in charge of voter’s Education and publicity, Prince Solomon sobeyi, announced this while briefing journalist in Benin City.

PDP Chieftain Mr David Ebhomien

The shift came 24 hours following a warming by Department of state service (DSS)and the police said terrorist might target Edo and other states during sallah. The commission enjoin all eligible voters in Edo state,political parties,candidates and stakeholders to be peaceful and law abiding ,that the logistics issues will be resolved.

Ebhomien Francis Osaromiyeke, who said that Nigeria is not a banana Republic, expressing that Nigeria belong to Nigerias not (A.P.C ) Nigeria has witnessed a 20 years setback in democracy under the Administration of president Buhari and A.P.C lead federal government.
The police present shot multiple gas carnisters at the protesters and shot multiple rounds in the air.
The Edo state command of Nigeria police, has said the protesters were arrested for going against the order which banned such demonstrations in the state,
The police command, said that the protest could bleach the existing peace and harmony in state,and could be possible be hijack by hoodlums,who would want to use the privilege to cause mayhem in the state.
The people democratic party (P.D.P)in Edo state has condemn the arrest of the party deputy youth leader, Ebhomien Francis Osaromiyeke in ujiogba ward 2 in Esan West local government, Ekpoma Edo state,describing it in what it called brazen display of Authoritarianism demonstrated by the president Buhari.
This development, the party said extra judicial top political witch -hurt policy of A.P.C to humiliate, embrarrase and portray P.D.P members.
Meanwhile a chieftain of people democratic party in Edo state Mr David Ebhomien ,condemn the arrest of his son ,Mr Ebhomien Francis Osaromiyeke and others, is an attempt to turn Nigeria into a one party state ,saying A.P.C arrested his son due to his political structure.
Nigerias by now should be extremely scared that our country is fasting drifting into a police state where being in opposition or holding views divergent to that of the government make one a criminal and enemy of the state,saying that the 16th years of PDP in the centre,no single citizen of Nigeria were arrested for protesting.

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