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There was tension and break down of law, properties and murdered of one ijiogbe Madali in number 11 Obaseki Street of oregbni ramat Park Ikpoba hill Benin City Edo,oregbeni is located in Edo state headquarter Benin city in ikpoba okha local government area of Edo state, at the moment sits on the edge over the murder of ijiogbe Madali age 13 years From Esan West local government area of Edo.
According to Eyewitness who witnessed the seem when Mrs madali was murderd who prefer his name to be unidentified said that the thugs belonging to ogboni confraternity came in members and attacked the household of late Mr ijiogbe.
According to our investigations reported that the ogboni confraternity has been disturbing one of the deceased siblings Mr Peter ijiogbe,who theconfraternity as said he will replace his late father Mr ijiogbe, in the brotherhood,
we further learnt that before the pass away of Mr ijiogbe he has already made his eldest son Mr Peter ijiogbe, as his next of kin to take over from him when he die.
According to report trouble started between the ogboni confraternity and late ijiogbe son Mr Peter ijiogbe when the young man Mr Peter refuse to join the ogboni confraternity, trouble break out on several occasions between the two groups were Mr Peter ijiogbe has been tortured in previous occasions for his refuser to switch from his Christian Faith to ognoni confraternity.
According to some residents of Oregbeni Street who spoke with newsmen during an interview review that the ogoni in their attempt to force Mr Peter ijiogbe, into ogboni brotherhood as resulted to violence tortured and moclking of the law,Mr Anthony okai a residents who lamented bitterly the death of Madali ijiogbe that they have been sleeping with one eyes close.
Another Eyewitness name osaretin Job who said that they heard loud voice in their neighbourhood on the early hour of December 18th in residents of late ijiogbe,we heard gun shoot into the air several times by the angry looking thugs ofa the ognoni confraternity.
The ogboni fraternity is an indigenous fraternity institution in the Yoruba language sneaking politics. They are spread in Edo state Nigeria ,Togo and Republic of Benin.this society performs a range of various political,cultural,religious and economic functions. They are very close and exercise major influence to monarchs,president and community leaders.
Reacting to the incident the spokesperson to the ognoni brotherhood Mr Denis Alimushu who said that they were in the house of one of their late member House Mr ijiogbe to carry out functions according to the lay down laws and regulations of the fraternity when they were attack by Mr Peter ijiogbe and Madali ijiogbe, on the account of seif defence that was what lead to the death of Mrs Madali ijiogbe.
Speaking with peter ijiogbe at the General hospital in Benin City disclosed how the ognoni has continued to tortured him in the past to come and take the role of his late father but on his refuser has lead to numerous unknown calls threatening to kill him if he refuse to comply,he spoke bitterly how the thugs forcefully came into their premises in the early hour of the day were he was beaten,sadly my own sister was brutally murdered before me as a warming if I refuse to summit myself for the inciation into the brotherhood that I will be in next in line to be kill.i Am scared I don’t know what to do ,I call on the relevant Authorities to come to my rescue because the ill treatment on my household by the ognoni confraternity is becoming unbearable, we can continue to live in decomcratic country were rule of law work as if we are in banana Republic say Mr Peter ijiogbe .
Mr Peter ijiogbe who further explained that he has reported the issue to the Nigeria police on several occasions about the threat to his life but nothing was done about it,I have been locked in private cell room by this ogboni confraternity and tortured in the past but nothing was done about it.
When the Newsmen contacted the Edo state command of The Nigeria police through her spokesperson says that they are aware of the situation that it has deploy it men to the affected area to restore peace and harmony to avoid Further break down of law,the police said that they are investigating what happened that lead to the death of Mrs Madali ijiogbe that the killer’s will be brought to book and face persecution according to Nigeria constitution ,the police command urge the residents to go out there to do their normal business that everything is under control say by the police.

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