Voters flee As thugs smash ballot boxe in ujiogba,police declared PDP agent Ebhomien Francis Osaromiyeke WANTED

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Fierce-looking armed thugs stormed a polling unit 002 ward 2, Eguare ujiogba in Esan West local government area Ekpoma Edo state, and carted away election materials while voters who had come to vote took to their heels in fear of being shot.
According to international observals who witnessed the violent invasion reports that the thugs, about 20 in number, came with different dangerous weapons and chased away the Corps members working as ad-hoc staff of INEC.
They, thereafter, carted away thumbrinted ballot papers and boxes and escaped through the rear of the unfenced Eguare Primary school.
Many of the voters also fled the poling unit for fear of being harmed by the rampaging thugs.
Electoral observers and INEC officials have since fled the venue.

Random voters in the unit in separate interviews told observals that the thugs are allegedly loyal to the All progressive Congress , APC. The unit, it was gathered, is presumed to be a stronghold of people democratic party,PDP,
A voter who declined to be named told this newspaper that the thugs were “provoked” because of the of the refuser of people democratic agent in the polling unit ,Mr Ebhomien Francis Osaromiyeke for the Apc agent to influence electorates with cash ,and give room for the Apc agent to manipulate the process,he further say that Stanley Olobi of Apc ,lead the thugs to the polling unit because the All progressive Congress, agent in the unit has called the Apc political thugs that the people democratic party agent Mr Ebhomien Francis Osaromiyeke has refused him to induce voters with cash.According to eye witness in Unit 002 Eguare ujiogba said that the exercise was going smoothly until PDP agent,Mr Ebhomien Francis Osaromiyeke, discovered that some electorates who are not from the unit were voting, he challenge The Apc agent a situation that lasted about 30 minutes until the men of Nigeria police resolved the situation.

According to report voting were ongoing when political thugs lead by Stanley olobi of Apc ,armed with guns emerged from nowhere and started shooting into the air to scare away voters in the process 3 people was wounded,policemen and PDP Agent in the polling unit ,Mr Ebhomien Francis Osaromiyeke,were the shooting took place allegedly took the heels.
According to the Edo state command of Nigeria police while addressing journalists said that People democratic party agent ,Mr Ebhomien Francis Osaromiyeke lead some hoodlums to unit 002 Eguare ujiogba about 01.00 hour on Wednesday September 28th to cart away thumbrinted ballot papers, the men of Nigeria police from Irrua Area command were mobilised about 20.00 hour invaded the home of,Mr Ebhomien Francis Osaromiyeke but Escaped arrest. 

              The police said Ebhomien Francis Osaromiyeke is hereby wanted by the Nigeria police force with issues of  Electoral offence a criminal offence which require a jail term of 20 years in imprisonment.
according to the constitution of the federal Republic of Nigeria,any candidate or agent who damages or snatch ballot boxer’s papers or Election materials before,during and after an election without the permission of the presiding electoral official require 20 year in imprisonment.
The police seek the cooperation of law abiding Nigerias from North ,west south and east wherever they find Mr Ebhomien Francis Osaromiyeke ,they should report the the Nerest police station or any other security Agency for possible arrest and prosecution.
Meanwhile some APC political thugs has invaded the home of a chieftain of people democratic party, Mr David Ebhomien, immediately INEC announced that Godwin Obaseki of All progressive Congress won Edo 2016 gubernatorial election.
A source who witnessed the attacks said the hoodlums loyal to APC came in search of PDP agent,Mr Ebhomien Francis Osaromiyeke in Unit 002,ward 2 Eguare ujiogba for Allegedly influencing electorates to vote for the candidate of people democratic party in the election,the son of PDP chieftain, Mr Ebhomien julius was seriously beaten by the angry looking thugs.ooking thug
leader of PDP in the local government, Felix ogbofor , accused the candidate of the All Progressives Congress Mr Godwin Obaseki , of being behind the attacks
He said; “We know all the bad boys, they are from the local government. They didn’t hide their identities. They are working for APC as instructed by their failed state and federal government of Apc.

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