April 14, 2024

We’re complimenting NITDA‘s efforts on digital training for micro businesses” – Alerzo Group CEO

Adewale Opaleye, the group CEO of Alerzo,  has said the technology company is complimenting efforts of the National Information Technology Development Agency (NITDA) through their massive investment on digital training for tens of thousands of micro businesses in their network across 15 cities in Nigeria, especially in tier 2 – 4 cities.

He said the digital training will not only equip them to conduct online trade but provide them with the skills of the future.

Alerzo is a leading business to business e-commerce platform serving informal retailers and micro businesses in the country by using technology to solve most of the perennial problems associated with informal retail in Nigeria.

“The National Information for Development Agency (NITDA) is already doing training in building digital literacy among different segments of the nation’s workforce to meet its 95 per cent digital literacy target by 2030. At Alerzo, we leverage digital tools for business growth, planning and management skills. We move tens of thousands of micro businesses and informal retailers that we serve from the traditional offline system of buying products to doing it digitally.

“We have foot soldiers, our sales agents who go from shop to shop teaching the retailers. So these informal retailers know how to download apps, register on the apps, know what to click, how to select products, how to check out and all of that. These trainings are enabled by our own infrastructures that we created.

“What this means is that as an organisation, we are not only interested in making profits, we are also interested in equipping the people with skills of the future. Therefore, with our massive investments in digital literacy of the informal retailers that we serve, we are complimenting NITDA’s efforts in helping the informal retailers with little or no digital education to become digital natives so that they are also able to benefit from the federal government’s digital economy plan,” Opaleye stated.

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