April 14, 2024

Verve Card Expands Payment Scheme, Integrates Contactless Payments


Africa’s leading and most successful payment Scheme, Verve International, has announced a significant milestone in its continuous drive for expansion across Africa and the globe. The payment brand has onboarded 50 additional scheme members, bringing the total number of its scheme members to 250, spread across banks and other financial institutions.

Verve’s position as a market leader can be attributed to its ceaseless dedication to creating innovative payment solutions as well as leveraging strategic partnerships that provide Verve cardholders with more convenient and secure payment options. One of such options is the contactless payment solution that enables customers complete transactions in record time.

The integration of contactless payment technology allows Verve to provide a seamless and secure payment experience with its over 45 million cards in circulation, for existing and newly onboarded individuals and businesses who will be able to make payments faster by simply tapping their Verve cards at payment terminals with the contactless feature, including Point of Sale (PoS) terminals at merchant and agent locations.

Verve’s contactless payment card leverages the latest security technology to protect customers’ personal and financial information using the EMV technology.

Speaking on the newly onboarded members, Vincent Ogbunude, Managing Director, Verve International stated that the Verve brand remains committed to providing customers with competitive value in the payment landscape, not just in Nigeria, but across the globe.

He said “We are excited to continue expanding our payment scheme and pushing the frontiers of innovation in the payment industry. We will continue to drive partnerships that do not only simplify payments but also provide topnotch inventive payment experience for Verve cardholders to strengthen the growth of the digital payment ecosystem”.

On the Verve contactless card, Vincent noted that the adoption of contactless technology is growing rapidly, and the Verve brand is proud to be part of this development, offering its customers a fast, secure, and convenient payment experience.

As a proudly indigenous card, with recognition as the first EMV-enabled domestic payment card in Nigeria. Verve, through strategic partnerships with Discover Financial Services, extends its acceptance footprint to over 180 countries.

Verve is committed to leveraging emerging technologies like contactless payment to avail cardholders seamless and secure payment solutions. Verve’s vision aligns with that of its parent company, the Interswitch Group, pushing the frontiers of innovation and creating platforms through which Africans are enabled to live more prosperous lives.

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