First, we wish to express our condolences to the family of David Sunday Imoh, the 38-year-old sound
engineer with a live band hired to perform for our customers, who was killed by an irate mob outside our
facility in the evening of 12 May. We condemn unreservedly the mob action that led to the unfortunate
incident and are in full support of the efforts to ensure that justice is done in the matter.

As an entertainment facility, we usually invite a live band to entertain our customers once a month and
on the fateful day, things were going on smoothly until we heard a commotion at the entrance of our

The commotion was coming from a mob trying to force its way inside, a development that left us confused.
We requested to know what the issue was and members of the mob replied that somebody from our
facility had used a charm to hit one of its members, who was presumed dead.

While we were engaging the mob, David, who was alleged to have used the charm came out of our facility
and the mob forcibly took him away from our premises insisting that he was a yahoo boy (internet
fraudster) trying to use the victim for a money ritual. Our internal security men couldn’t stop them in spite
of their best efforts

Outside our facility, some members of the irate mob made up of commercial motorcyclists surrounded
the car in which the founder of the live band and three other band members were locked. There were
three naval officers around the car and they told us they were trying to resolve the matter that led to the

Noticing that the military men were not making any headway in their efforts to bring the situation under
control, we called the Rapid Response Squad (RRS) because the number of angry motorcyclists was
increasing. The RRS team arrived, but said the crowd was too big for them to control. At the time of their
arrival, nobody had died. The victim of the altercation with the band boy had also regained consciousness.

In further attempt to prevent any untoward occurrence, we called the Divisional Police Officer (DPO) of
Maroko Police Station. But before his team could get to our facility, the mob had already burnt David and
was on the verge of doing same to his colleague, Philip Balogun, when policemen from Maroko arrived
and dispersed the crowd by firing in the air.

We condemn the clear disrespect for the life of others and wish to state again our support for the
government to bring perpetrators to book.

Our prayers and thoughts are with the family of the deceased.

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