REJOINDER: A Call On Gov AbdulRahman AbdulRazaq To Call His Aides, Appointes To Order.

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  • NAKSS Dissociates herself from the derogatory Press Release by Impostors, says their actions have confirmed their status as enemies of NAKSS and Kwara State.
  • Charges Gov. AbdulRahaman AbdulRazaq  to remain focused on delivering good Governance to Kwarans and not be distracted by dissenting voices of fallen horses
  • Affirms that NAKSS’s resolve to Endorse Gov. AbdulRahaman AbdulRazaq for second term and passed a vote of confidence on Prof. Sheu Adaramaja for their outstanding contributions to development of Education and other sectors in Kwara state. 

The National Association of Kwara State Students (NAKSS) led by Comr. Adekunle Raphael Popoola writes to address NAKSSites Worldwide, the Press and Kwara State Government led by His Excellency Mallam AbdulRahaman AbdulRazaq on a malicious press statement tagged: A CALL ON GOVERNOR ABDULRAHMAN ABDULRAZAQ TO CALL HIS AIDES, APPOINTEES TO ORDER making rounds on social media platforms authored by individuals posing as officials of the National Association of Kwara State Students (NAKSS) National Headquarters.

It is pertinent to note that there is only one National Association of Kwara State Students (NAKSS) National Headquarters and that Association is currently led by none other than Comr. Adekunle Raphael Popoola who was elected and legally sworn in on the mandate of over 70% of NAKSSites studying in higher institutions across Nigeria. It is hence laughable when certain elements out of wishful thinking begin to address themselves as winners of an election on the pages of media platforms that have no regard for the rule of law and have made themselves instruments for consistently questioning the righteousness of Kwara’s progress.

NAKSS hence debunks in entirety the claims made by Comr. Muftau Shittu Atunlushe and his retinue of clueless cohorts that His Excellency Mallam AbdulRahman AbdulRazaq has failed in his duty as the Chief Security Officer of the State to ensure peaceful co-existence amongst groups and the protection of lives and properties of Kwarans. This is not a true reflection of the thoughts of NAKSSites as these derailed elements within NAKSS do not have any authority to speak on behalf of our noble Association, their words should not be given any regard as they continue to live oblivious to the true tenets upon which this Association was founded and has been administered for decades. 

We have nothing to hide and perhaps our only crime has been to genuinely speak up for NAKSSites and stand by a Government that has proven itself to not just be Students friendly but pro-Kwaran unlike Comr. Muftau Shittu Atunlushe’s league of infidels who cease every available opportunity to abuse elders and ridicule the government in return for petty cash rewards and favours from the opposition who are ready to do anything to paint Gov. AbdulRahman AbdulRazaq bad before Kwarans.

Gov. AbdulRahman AbdulRazaq has indeed always sustained the tempo of Kwara’s growth and development by servicing peaceful co-existence amongst all groups across the State and these has not been achieved without the support of qualified and competent hands within his administration such as Prof. Sheu Adaramaja (KWASUBEB Chairman) and Hon. Fafoluyi Olayinka M. Solace (S.A to the Governor on New Media) amongst others who in all ramifications have proven to stand for the pro Kwaran policies his Excellency AbdulRahman AbdulRazaq stands for.

The National Association of Kwara state Students (NAKSS) is not just any conventional body but one with regard for law, order and very importantly respect which is a characteristic feature of the Kwara Man. Having young people who have the privilege of affording formal education result in cheap baseless blackmail and derogatory verbal/written assault on Elder statesmen and leaders who continue to make sacrifice in keeping Kwara State under spotlight is beyond unpatriotic. This is actually a true picture of disillusion and  bitterness from a group that has been publicly rejected by NAKSSites who feel comfortable and fulfilled in the leadership of  Com. Adekunle Raphael Popoola as NAKSS President.

NAKSSites on 12th June, 2021 came out in their numbers to make a statement endorsing His Excellency Mallam AbdulRahman AbdulRazaq for a 2nd Term in office and passing a vote of confidence on Prof. Sheu Adaramaja (KWASUBEB Chairman). This resolve for the purpose of posterity must be remembered by all Kwarans as the day NAKSS answered a clarion call to reward hard work and commend His Excellency Gov. AbdulRahman AbdulRazaq for doing all that others lied to us was impossible in Kwara and even more within 24 months in office. Anyone dissatisfied with NAKSS’s expression of responsibility can seek redress in the Courts of law or better still keep admitting through misguided publications their status as enemies of NAKSS and Kwara at large.

In conclusion, it is important to reiterate that NAKSS remains a  Non-Governmental and Non-partisan Association, we will continue to raise our voices in commendation of projects, policies and programs that are pro – Kwarans and her Students even as share ideas and present constructive arguments on State and National issues.

Our relationship with the Kwara State Government  has always been cordial and as advocates of dialogue as the best form of negotiation for the benefits our members deserve, we will continue to collaborate with relevant stakeholders to keep moving NAKSS and by extension Kwara State forward.

I call on NAKSSites to continue rallying round this leadership to make the aspirations for a bigger and bolder Association possible.The Association is always open to receive ideas and new members who consider the progress we have made as a collective heritage for future generations.

God Bless Us All

Comr. Adekunle Raphael Popoola
National President, NAKSS HQ

Comr. Akinola Adeshola Adebisi
Senate President, NAKSS HQ

Justice Salako Olufemi
Chief Judge, NAKSS HQ

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