Polaris Bank unveils new digital platform

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Polaris Bank Limited, on Tuesday, launched a new digital platform, called ‘VULTe’.

The Chairman of Polaris Bank, Mr Muhammad Ahmad, said the launch of the platform had made it possible to provide a 24-hour seamless service to customers and others which he described as the bank’s corporate goal.

He said, “This is a milestone in our pursuit of a strong and digitally-led retail brand. When we started the Polaris journey almost three years ago, we were very clear on the type of bank we must build and the direction we must go.

“We are therefore bringing VULTe to the market place today. And this is not another mobile app, but one with a world of difference, a mobile digital bank.  With VULTe, you serve yourself, the way you want to be served.”

VULTe, which is an acronym for the values the company stands for namely ‘Versatile, Ubiquitous, Lucid, Transformational, Efficient’, was informed by the fast pace of change in financial service provisioning and the apparent technology-defined outlook of the bank, according to a statement.

The acting Managing Director/Chief Executive Officer, Mr Innocent Ike, said at the launch in Lagos that with VULTe, the bank hoped to serve customers better and make their banking experience more pleasurable.

He said, “Ultimately, VULTe represents our bold declaration to hand over control of banking services to our customers and allow them to serve themselves as they would want to be served.

“You are at liberty to determine your banking experience since we have put the bank in your hand 24/7. You now have total control to serve yourself; it’s no more customer service but customer self-service.”

He added that with the platform, opening an account, setting account limits, verifying identity documents, taking instant loans, among others, would be seamless.


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