May 19, 2024

Nigerian Idol S8: Chorister, Comedian, others Grace Week 2


Nigerian Idol season 8 continued with audition performances on Sunday. It was another captivating episode of impressive and comic performances by contestants and judges, as ten golden tickets were earned for the theatre week on the night. Here are highlights from week two of this unfolding season: 

A major contender emerged: Week two of Nigerian Idol season 8 started on an interesting note. Goodness, a 23-year-old from Lagos got a yes from the three judges, but it wasn’t a smooth sail for her. Goodness was vividly nervous when she saw the judges. She confessed to them that she was scared. Her performance was however impressive, such that the judges opined that she would be one of the major contenders of the season.

Experience matters: The judges immediately recognised 22-year-old Emmanuel Chisom. He made it to the theatre week in season 7. His experience shone through his performance which was fast and smooth. A yes from the three judges granted him passage. Another returnee, 26-year-old Saviour from Oyo State also made it to theatre week in season 7. He said he had been making music since then and preparing for another opportunity. He thinks there’s more pressure on him to surpass his achievement of last season. But there was no pressure in his performance that night. The judges were so pleased that he got three positive verdicts.  

Simi’s Girl: As 17-year-old Constance stepped into the room, she started staring and smiling at Simi, to the surprise of the other judges. The two are familiar with each other. Simi said she knew her from age nine. “I did a cover of Simi’s song, so she found me. She’s the love of my life,” Constance said. She started singing at 12 and won a competition at 13. Her performance earned her the golden ticket to the next round. 

D’banj’s Empathy: 30-year-old Oscar started acting at the age of 8 in the popular comedy show, ‘Fuji House of Commotion.’ He claimed he started singing at 8 as well. He wants to show the world he’s talented and ultimately win the show. His performance wasn’t top-notch. He got a yes from D’banj, while the two other judges said no. In a special twist of events, D’banj pleaded with Obi Asika to change his mind and give Oscar another chance. The ever-calm producer reluctantly obliged and Oscar made it into the theatre week.

Chorister, not performer: Daniel Unique showed that being in the choir doesn’t translate to being good at music. Daniel said a lot of people told him he’s the male version of Whitney Houston. His mother made him join the choir at 8 after discovering his talent. His talent wasn’t unique enough for the competition according to the three judges. His rendition of Whitney Houston’s ‘I Look To You’ was nowhere near good.

Bedroom Singer: So many people sing to themselves in the kitchen, bathroom, and bedroom, such that they begin to see themselves winning a music competition. A good example is 26-year-old Bukola who brought her bedroom music talent to Nigerian Idol. She was off-key throughout her performance. According to Simi, the only place for her to sing remains her room. She was excited to see D’banj and received a handshake for her effort. 

Comedian of the Night: Any contestant who chooses to perform a Whitney Houston song is taking a huge risk. Her songs are for the most powerful vocalists. So when 22-year-old Clinton from Lagos chose to go that route, the judges were eager to see a music start unfold before their eyes. Immediately Clinton opened his mouth, you could sense he wasn’t cut out for music. The judges enjoyed the comic display after which D’banj advised him to go into modelling. 

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