Lagos single mum narrates how e-commerce is helping her cater for her family

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By Adedoyin Giwa

From employment opportunities to digital development and advancement, e-commerce holds enormous business potential. The world of possibilities embedded in digital services was espoused when covid-19 crippled business activities across the world. 

Ecommerce was crucial for the survival of thousands of SMES during the lockdown and also offers immense  growth opportunities for this vibrant sector of the economy. Furthermore, the new normal ushered in by the pandemic is such that businesses without digital footprint would struggle for relevance. 

Today, Nigerian entrepreneurs are leveraging the reach and cost effective features of ecommerce enmasse. A 2020 report by PricewaterhouseCoopers (PWC), showed that 41% of micros businesses in Nigeria are owned by women. 

Speaking on how selling online has impacted her business, Adedoyin Adeigbe, a single mother of three, explained that sales on Jumia is helping her cope with the pressure that comes with the immense responsibility of being a single mother. “I have three children who are in the university and are also selling on Jumia. There’s a lot of pressure to deal with as a single mum, especially taking care of the family. My sales turnover on Jumia helps me fend off this pressure,” she said. 

She further explained why she decided to put up her wares on the online platform. “I started selling on Jumia in 2015 for two reasons: to reach more customers outside my physical store and increase my revenue,” explained. 

Adeigbe, who sells fashion products on Jumia said her experience with ecommerce is serving as encouragement to young female entrepreneurs who are embracing the sales opportunities offered by the platform. “In my physical store, I have to employ more staff who are helping me to fulfill my orders. I currently mentor many young women who have also started selling on Jumia,” she stated. 

The story of this single mother of three shows the open window of opportunities entrepreneurs can tap from to grow their enterprise and attain financial stability. The cost effectiveness and reach of online stores will help SMES play their pivotal role, as Nigeria navigates recovery from the economic implications of the pandemic.  

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