Kwara North 2023: Crack in Kwara PDP as party leaders kicks, engage in bitter fight with “Efura group”

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There are indications during the week that cracks had developed in the Kwara State chapter of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP). This followed a letter written by the party’s Senatorial Chairman for Kwara Central, Alhaji Jimoh Adeshina, to the State Chairman, Rauf Kola Shittu and copied to the leader of the party, Senator Bukola Saraki, condemning the conspiracy by a Kwara South group, known as “Efura” to instigate Kwara North senatorial region against Kwara central in the build up to 2023 gubernatorial election.

The Kwara central leaders in their protest letter claimed it was absolutely impolitic to field a northern candidate against the incumbent governor in Kwara given the acceptability of Governor Abdulrahman Abdulrazaq in his emirate constituency.

The party accused the Kwara South Efura group of trying to push aside the Kwara central in its conspiracy with the northern senatorial district.

They berated the two other zones for orchestrating such conspiracy given the numerical strength of Kwara central senatorial zone.

The letter dated 29th May, 2021 reads in part:

“We have watched with absolute patience, but with disappointment the campaign tainted and driven with undisguised conspiracy by some party members in the two other districts against the Kwara Central.

“The manner and approach with which this was being done call to question the commitment of this category of party members to the general progress and well-being of PDP in Kwara State.

“It is our conviction that politics is a game of number, and we are certain our district have the number. However, we are conscious of the fact that situations do arise that would necessitate the majority to concede power to other parts of the State. In this regard, Kwara Central has demonstrated good faith by conceding power for eight years to Kwara South through Alhaji Abdulfatah Ahmed. Having done that, we have demonstrated both the capability and the willingness to carry other people along. And for this, we deserve some respect.

“But this time, the way and manner some members of our party in Kwara South, under the banner of a group called “EFURA” has continued to instigate the Kwara North on this matter of 2023 governorship is a direct insult to all faithful PDP members in Kwara Central.

“Of particular note is a recent radio program sponsored and anchored by the so-called ‘Efura Group’ within the party calling on the people of Kwara State to support any party that cedes its governorship ticket to the Kwara North. This Efura Group which is dominated by party members from Kwara South appeared to be crying more than the bereaved, and their call for people to support any party that gives ticket to Kwara North revealed their true intentions. Or how else do we reconcile those who claimed to be loyal PDP members calling on people to support ANY PARTY that gives ticket to a particular district. In other words, the Efura Group is saying that if the opposition gives ticket to Kwara North and our party doesn’t, then the people should support the opposition. What other proof of anti-party do we need other than this? Or are they trying to blackmail the party into towing a predetermined path that would most likely weaken its chances at the polls?

“In any case, how does this call for zoning make sense at this time, considering that the sitting governor is from Kwara Central. Strategy wise, giving the PDP ticket to Kwara North in 2023 would be a heavy gamble, unless the incumbent who is from Central would not be on the ballot. It will be very difficult to convince the emirate people to support a candidate from another district against one of their own, no matter how bad we think he is performing. After all, they are first and foremost Emirate people before they are party members.”

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