Get engaged in a fast paced chase and criminal  investigation with the team of experts on NCIS,  reminisce and immerse yourself  in the astronomical world of Star Trek and keep your kids glued to the adventures of the Kimoja warriors.

Gear up for another level of excitement with GOtv in the month of September with these movies and brand new series hitting your screens.


The Star Trek franchise pulls out all stops as they create yet another logic defying, astronomical addition to the collection. A surprise attack on their starship (Enterprise) led the crew to crashland on a deserted and mysterious world.Find out if the team finally made it off the island or if they simply gave up their will to fight for survival by 7:00pm Sunday 3rd September on TNT Africa, GOtv CH 52

NCIS (S20)

For all things crime and high level defence, the team of special agents from the Naval Criminal Investigative Service (NCIS) conduct criminal investigations involving the United States Navy and Marine Corps. Led by Special Agent Alden Parker, an ex-FBI Special Agent and special Agent Leroy Jethro Gibbs, a skilled investigator, the team carryout nerve wracking and highly complicated investigations to solve intense criminal cases.

There’s a lot of suspense, cliffhanging thrill and fast paced action that makes this season a blockbusting experience. Catch the investigation 8:00pm on Mon 4th September on M-Net ME, GOtv CH 43


Fuel your kids ballerina dreams with this brand new animation where dance meets martial arts , following the adventure of an adorable 7-year-old African girl Kiya who loves ballet and martial arts and her two best friends, Motsie and her stepbrother Jay. The kids develop crystal-supercharged talents and when they put on their magical crystal headbands they become the Kimoja Heroes.

In the peaceful city of Kimoja ,bad things happen and when they happen, the Kimoja heroes will be there to save the day. Be a part of the Kimoja Heroes starting 3:00pm Monday 4th September on Disney Junior, GOtv CH 82


In this Epic series, the bloodline of the royal family is at risk of being erased as the King is unable to produce an heir to the throne. The palace gets a visit from the gods messenger who prophesies that there will never be an heir to the throne until the curse placed on the throne in the time of the previous king is raised. This sends panic to the household of the Enogie of Idugbor. A Visit from  the Oba Ikire to the Enogie will help unmask a secret that has been hidden for decades and usher in a new era in Isibor. Unravel this dilemma with the Enogie by 6:30 pm Monday September 4th onOK 2, GOtv CH 10

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