July 19, 2024

Eventful Ltd celebrates 20 Years Of Excellence


L-R: Chioma Nwachukwu, Chief Financial Officer, Eventful; Fisayo Beecroft, Managing Director, Eventful; Omolola Owo, Head of Events, Eventful and Tosin Adefeko, Managing Director, AT3 Resources at the press conference to announce Eventful's 20th anniversary at in Ilupeju, Lagos, on Wednesday.

Eventful, a leading event consulting company in Nigeria has announced its 20th anniversary to celebrate the patronage and support of its key stakeholders over the years.

Eventful Ltd was founded in 2002 to serve the needs of corporate and individual clients. Over the course of its 20-year history, Eventful has consistently delivered excellent professional services while demonstrating creativity with a vision to become the leading player in the organised events planning industry in Africa.

Speaking about how the company has maintained its leadership position as an innovative leader in the event industry over the years, the Managing Director, Fisayo Beecroft said, “We pride ourselves in our ability to think through and curate well-crafted experiences end to end; from design and theme to hiring of the right providers and vendors, to venue set up, and developing the appropriate budgets in accordance with clients’ desires, professionalism is our watchword.”

Fisayo also added that Eventful only works with reputable providers who have a track record of success in their respective fields of endeavour and who have demonstrated integrity. “We uphold the highest standards; excellence is one of our core values and we believe that is the minimum expected of a professional.”

In addition, the Head of events of the company, Omolola Owo, spoke about the company’s growth, achievements, transition, and legacy of the organisation.  “As an event company, we keep evolving all the time, trying to make sure that we are the first in the game; the smooth leadership transition in 2021 for us as a company is an achievement considering we have maintained an upward growth trajectory for this two-decade old institution even after the founder Yewande Zaccheaus retired.”

With over 2000 events planned already, Eventful has remained at the top of the industry not only for its epoch-making corporate engagements, but also for its unforgettable weddings, memorable funerals, and more recently bespoke Souks. Eventful has solidified its brands’ value proposition and far-reaching influence in the mind of the public.

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