May 19, 2024

Confam Collabo: Partnership Enhancing Nigerian Customer Experience


In recent times, collaboration has emerged as the new buzzword in the business landscape, replacing the outdated competitive mindset. As the business and economic landscape continues to evolve, partnering with other brands is an effective way to combine resources, expertise, and perspectives to achieve common goals. This is particularly true in the FMCG industry, where collaboration between brands can lead to improved customer experiences and increased brand loyalty.

The recent partnership between Seven-Up Bottling Company (SBC) and Eat’N’Go Africa is a testament to this power. The brands recently launched the Confam Collabo partnership which will make SBC’s chain of products like Pepsi, Mirinda, Seven Up, Aquafina water, and others available to customers across 175 Eat’N’Go Africa outlets in Nigeria. Eat’N’Go Africa is the franchisee for Domino’s Pizza, Pinkberry, and Cold Stone Ice Cream in Nigeria. Through their new partnership, SBC and Eat’N’Go Africa are offering Nigerian customers a wider range of quality products that meet their diverse needs and preferences. 

“With this partnership, customers will continue to experience Confam enjoyment from the combination of Domino’s Pizza and Pepsi as well as other refreshing food, drinks, and treat combos with Cold Stone Creamery and Pinkberry,” said GM. Marketing SBC, Segun Ogunleye during the partnership announcement.

The power of this partnership is evident even from the campaign theme “Confam Collabo” which are popular colloquial term in Nigeria. “Collabo” is a colloquial term for collaboration, while “Confam” is a slang term that signifies trustworthiness and authenticity. Together, they perfectly describe the partnership between these two beloved brands and display their strong commitment to quality.

SBC’s partnership with Eat’N’Go Africa is one of the ways SBC is endearing customers to its chain of products under the Confam campaign. It already has a track record of meeting its consumers in their various areas of social interest and needs. Take, for instance, Confam Gbedu, a campaign that highlighted the rise and essence of Afrobeats globally during the eighth Africa Magic Viewers Choice Awards (AMVCA) which heralded a never seen or heard performance with African legendary and iconic musician Lagbaja and Pepsi Ambassador and Afrobeats and rave musician Rema. Other campaigns under the Pepsi Confam series include Confam Gbedu, Confam SZN, and Confam Disembaa and others. 

The campaigns are intentionally conceptualised to continue to position brand Pepsi as the convener that champions the Nigerian youth lifestyle while placing the brand at the heart of contemporary pop culture. 

Beyond these campaigns, SBC prides itself as a brand that truly empowers the Nigerian youth in music, sports, lifestyle, fashion, and now food. Under its ambassadorial belts are young talented Nigerians like Ayra Starr, and Afrobeats sensation Rema making exceptional marks in the entertainment industry.

By partnering with Eat’N’Go, SBC is reiterating its commitment to refresh the younger generation who are trendy and groovy.  What better way to endear them to the brand than offering them more nutritious and tasty food options. With its line of products that boasts of tantalising and refreshing flavours, new and returning customers are now guaranteed an unforgettable Confam experience.

Ultimately, the SBC partnership with Eat’N’Go Africa sets the right template for two customer-centric brands to collaborate and offer customers more nutritional value and variety.  It showcases how FMCG brands can work together to create mutually beneficial partnerships that benefit both companies and their customers. By improving customer experience at Eat’N’Go outlets across Nigeria, this partnership is a testament to the power of collaboration in meeting the needs of Nigerian customers.     

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