April 14, 2024

BB Titans Housemates Express Shock at Jaypee’s Eviction


Four housemates have been evicted from the Big Brother house and the latest eviction came as a surprise to fans of the show.

Some of the Titans in the Big Brother house have expressed shock at the eviction of Jaypee from the show. Jaypee and Lukay (JayKay) were evicted on Sunday,  having secured just 7.80 percent of total votes by viewers of the show.

In their diary sessions with Biggie on Monday, some of the housemates said they didn’t see the exit of Jaypee coming, as she has been vocal and active in the house.

“I was surprised at Jaypee’s eviction because she has been active and very vocal in the house. I draw energy from her whenever I’m down in the house,” said Juicy Jay. Olivia, Justin, Yvone, MMeli and Jenni O also shared the sentiment.

When asked who should have been evicted, they all said they expected Khosicle’s (Khosi and Miracle) eviction.

Eviction nominations will be held again on Monday evening after the Head of House games which starts at 7pm. 

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