Ayade’s defection and Saraki’s leadership failure By Chinedu Asadu

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There are some things about the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, which continue to interest me. The inauguration of the Saraki National Reconciliation Committee and its subsequent travails remain a mockery of Saraki’s voodoo political leadership. Among the troubling phenomena which have gained ascendancy is the defection of Governor Ben Ayade of Cross River state to All Progressives Congress, APC.

Barely one month after Saraki claimed in his verified Twitter handle that he was on top of the situation in Cross River state, things have fallen apart.

Saraki had in his verified Twitter handle last month tweeted thus: “Last night (Monday) the #PDPReconciliation and Strategy Committee met with the PDP National Assembly caucus from Cross River State.

“At the meeting, we listened to the concerns of the legislators, and discussed strategies to unite all the leaders and key stakeholders of our party in the state.”

Saraki’s strategy seems to have failed him and his poor leadership is seriously affecting the morale of PDP members which has caused the party’s bottom line to plunge causing hemorrhage of members.

Unfortunately for Saraki, his appointment as leader of the PDP’s Reconciliation
Committee will be his first assignment in the party after he lost re-election in the 2019 election and lost his grip of his home state – Kwara.

Bad leadership leads to poor membership retention and demotivates the remaining members of a political party, causing them to be much less resolute than they would otherwise be.

Same reason why the attempt to reclaim power in Kwara remains a tall dream.

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