ALLB Ifako division has a day community sensitisation against traffic disobedience

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By Dada Ayobami

In a bit to drive a more compliance attitude among road users within Ifako-Ijaye Local government. Ifako/ Iju/ Oko-Oba/ Agbado Division of The African Lads Brigade and African Lasses Brigade, Nigeria Led by ABG Olanrewaju Balogun with the evangelism team with support of The Nigeria Police force and Lagos state traffic management Authority had A Day community Sensitization program Tagged: Disobedience to civil rules, Traffic in particular at fagba junction of Lagos state to coordinate the flow of traffic and educate motorists the need to adhere to traffics rules.
The message to motorists which was distributed in a track follows:
Disobedience to civil rules, Traffic in particular
Laws are meant to be broken, right? Uhm.. No? Well, Ashley Umscheid definitely thought so when she sustained fatal injuries when her pickup flipped over, tossing her into a ditch. Before the accident happened, the 19-year old was trying to send a text message to her older sister.
The most common statement you’ll hear from Nigerian drivers is “When you are driving, assume everyone on the road is a mad person but you”. What is funny however is we go on to do the same exact thing the “mad” people do. How? Well I’ll explain in a little way with a personal experience of a comrade.

It had rained on that Friday morning June 2017 and I was leaving the office where I interned as a student intern around  Cappa Oshodi. An army green Peugeot car suddenly veered off the road unto the pedestrian path and a split second after I saw the car, there was a head on collision between the car, a motorcycle and my body. I passed out almost immediately and when I came back to it before the ambulance came I could clearly hear my colleagues say they had to jolt the woman driving the car awake after the accident before she even knew what happened. Apparently she had slept off on the steering, and left a boy(the victim) with a scarred face and eye problem as well as a bike man with flesh wounds that kept him from earning his daily keep for days.
I never met the woman and I have no idea what she looks like, but I’ve been condemned to eye care and facial scars and the questions that come with them for the rest of my life. I am always grateful I left the experience with my life intact as some people who experienced less lost their lives to the carelessness of drivers.

Ashley lost the functions of a huge part of her body because a text couldn’t wait. A lot of dreams are cut short and families thrown into sadness and depression because someone wanted to meet an appointment and would not mind breaking traffic rules to get there on time.

A trip to the National Orthopedic Hospital Igbobi-Lagos will leave you with heart breaking tales of lives shattered and dreams broken and probably help you make informed decisions to drive or not to drive after hanging out and drinking beyond the acceptable limit with your friends at your favourite bar and also adhere to traffics rules.
They close with a story of a man who could not do something as easy as to obey instructions. King Saul went from the chosen and anointed man to rule over Israel and save the people from Philistines(1 Samuel 9:16-17) to a rejected man who lost not only the kingdom he was ordained for but also the dignity of his life and family(1 Samuel 15:22-28) simply because he could not obey an instruction.

Always remember, the best driver is he who ALWAYS makes it back home in one piece. It’s neither he who drives fastest, gets to the board meeting earliest, or the man who can navigate one-ways better. Drive safely. Drive responsibly so you can tell your beautiful life’s story to those who come after.

Dead men tell no tales.

Ifako/Iju/Oko-Oba/Agbado Division of The African Lads and The African Lasses Brigade wish you an amazing Easter celebration as you let the unequivocal love that God has for humanity to bear the sight of the death of His son to gain us all be shone abroad in your driving skills.

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