May 19, 2024

PFN Crisis: Bishop Dr. PJ Ighalo Sounds a note of advice to Bishop Adegbite President of CAN to stay in his lane


Concerning the looming crisis in Lagos PFN, Bishop Dr. PJ Edoro Ighalo has sound a note of advice to Bishop Adegbite the President of CAN to stay in his line and leave PFN alone to run their affairs by themselves

Bishop Dr. PJ Edoro Ighalo in his address said his prophecies are coming to pass, Bishop said in his prophecy sometimes ago, he said there is going to be a great avallon of change that will take place in Nigeria, the pot will boil from the North and will empty itself in South which has happened

He described the issue of the kingdom as a concerned responsibility which must not be treated like a political issues. Dr. Ighalo explained about the kite that was flown by some people in view of the anullment of PFN election in Lagos (Lagos Chapter).

Bishop Dr. Ighalo “my earlier position was always be as a father of an unbias, but what we are seeing now is hand of Esau and voice of Jacob, we are seeing element that seem to fracture, dismember or disorganized the PFN in Lagos and Nigeria as a whole.

The cause of the matter is the election, kingdom administration is different from political administration, we must realize that. The point is that power is vested on the President of PFN Bishop Wale Oke and he has the power within the kingdom to approve and disapprove, he should be giving the chance to exercise his power.

I want to sound a note of advice to Bishop Stephen Adegbite to face CAN where he belongs, stop interloping, stop making statements that can destabilize the organization, I run my church without anybody support, I don’t take tithe, I don’t take offering and I run NGO, if I decided to keep quiet is because I want peace to reign. This is kingdom business we cannot allow destabilization, also the word “Lagos is for us” is unacceptable.

I read also in the news report where some youths threatened to petition foreign embassies over some leaders in the PFN.

In conclusion, let’s learn from our founding fathers ArchBishop Benson Andrew Idahosa, Bishop Omobode and others, what they have suffered to built let us not destroy it with our selfish interest, let’s seek the kingdom of God first and the rest shall be added unto us”.

Bishop David Odey, Founder of Agape Worship Centre stepped in and told journalists there is no crisis in the PFN as it is being alleged. When we are talking about PFN President Bishop Wale Oke, is a stabilize man, an intelligent man and is a man of integrity.

“If the election is conducted in June, I can assure you that if I have the opportunity to vote, I will vote for Rev Toyin Kehinde. The outgoing chairman, Apostle Okwuonu is not dying for any position. I am sure he has even congratulated Rev Kehinde. Nobody is against him. But people who have pecuniary interests are bent on using his emergence to get some credit. They want to manipulate him to make him feel they are the ones behind his appointment. They are doing this for political gain. That is why they must be stopped.”

Dr. Bolaji Akinyemi said the stakeholders will continue to make consultations to ensure there is an end to the stalemate. “Whoever eventually becomes the chairman is not our concern. Our interest is that there should not be any form of ethnic colouration in the transition process. It is the body of Christ.

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